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"... whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."   I Corinthians 10:31

    First and foremost, it is my desire that my actions as an attorney be at all times and in all circumstances a reflection of my Christian beliefs and values.  Unfortunately, many people consider the practice of law to be at odds with those beliefs and values - I welcome the opportunity to change their minds.  It has been my experience that a Christian approach to the practice of law yields exceptional results, regardless of the type of litigation.  Many times, attorneys create an atmosphere of discord between each other which in turn intensifies the conflict between the parties, resulting in more litigation and less results.  However, an approach that reaches out in patience and understanding, that truly considers the harm and cost an antagonistic approach can cause the litigants, and that attempts to reach an amicable resolution without resorting to litigation, will many times lead to results that all parties feel are in their best interest.  This approach is one of strength, not of weakness - one of honor, rather than dishonor.  

As such, if a matter cannot be settled, my firm is just as comfortable in a courtroom as it is in a conference room.  Clients have the assurance that my office will provide dynamic and zealous trial representation, working together to achieve the most successful outcome possible given the facts and circumstances of the case.  I have a reputation for thoroughness and preparedness, and I take my responsibilities as an attorney seriously, with the understanding that the results I achieve for my clients will have a lasting impact on their lives.