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I am a native of East Texas and feel that this area offers the best of all that is Texas - great people, great schools, and great activities.  If you are new to the area, I encourage you to visit the City of Tyler or the Smith County website and explore all the unique and exciting events and local sites of interest.  Growing up in the oilfields of East Texas has given me a deep appreciation of the value of hard work & an honest days pay as well as a first hand look at the true grit & determination of hard working Texans.  I like to think those same qualities have followed through to my law practice.  In fact, I take it as a great compliment when a client tells me that I don't "act" like a typical lawyer.  Both my family and my faith have taught me to be respectful and humble.  Often times, when a person comes to my office, they are going through difficult times, struggling with significant losses or injuries.  The last thing they need is an attorney that intimidates or belittles them.  My goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere that allows a client to participate fully in their case.  This approach give clients a sense of control and peace and the confidence that their case is getting the personal attention it deserves .  If you have any questions or if you are just in the neighborhood, stop by our offices.  If I'm not in court, I can generally make time to stop and chat for a bit.